Lalilab Inc. (Durham, NC, and PharmAgra Labs, Inc. (Brevard, NC,

Having recently secured substantial investment from a UK venture capital syndicate, Evgen Limited ( has exercised its option with Lalilab and PharmAgra Labs to enter into a world-wide exclusive license agreement to develop Sulforadex® as an oral pharmaceutical. Sulforadex® has enormous potential in the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer and other cancers.

Concurrently, Lalilab and PharmAgra retain the rights to develop the patented stabilized sulforaphane technology for topical applications; focusing on skin disease therapeutics and cosmetics. In this regard, they are currently working with several US-based collaborators and are actively seeking other parties interested in commercializing this technology.

The innovation, Sulforadex®, is a unique stabilized sulforaphane, extending shelf life and utility from hours to years, making pharmaceutical applications viable for the first time. The composition, based upon a synthetic sulforaphane encapsulated within a sugar structure called an alpha-cyclodextrin, represents a material development in realizing the clinical potential as extolled by a substantial body of scientific literature.

There are many hundreds of scientific studies that have focused on the anti-cancer activity of sulforaphane a molecule that can, in some circumstances, be produced in varying amounts upon the consumption of sufficient quantities of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli. However, until the invention of Sulforadex®, sulforaphane was never a viable drug candidate because of its inherent instability, decomposing rapidly in open air within minutes to hours.

Sulforadex® is potentially a significant development in anti-cancer technology as prostate cancer is one of the world’s leading health issues with 80% of men developing the condition within their lives. For this group of patients, a treatment that could retard future disease progression (30% measurably advance over one year) with minimal side effects could improve quality of life, prevent complications and lower treatment costs. Unfortunately, there is currently no drug on the market that successfully addresses these issues.

Commenting on the agreement, Michel Baudet, President of Lalilab Inc said:

”We are tremendously excited to be working with Evgen and PharmAgra on the pioneering clinical development of this exciting molecule. Evgen’s preclinical program will be completed within the next year. Although they initially intend to target men with indolent prostate cancer, Sulforadex® has much wider potential in the treatment of more advanced cancers; most likely in combination therapies with existing treatment regimes. This is an area where Evgen will be proactively pursuing strategic partnerships. At the same time PharmAgra and Lalilab will be pursuing strategic partnerships to develop topical applications; focusing on skin disease therapeutics and cosmetics“.

Speaking on behalf of PharmAgra Labs Inc, Roger Frisbee, Co-President of PharmAgra Labs Inc, said:

”PharmAgra, Lalilab and Evgen share a common vision of the commercial potential of a stabilized sulforaphane. Combining our chemistry and manufacturing skills, together with Evgen’s clinical development expertise, we are confident that we could be embarking on a drug development program with a much lower risk of clinical failure than is typical for a new chemical or biological entity“.

For further information please contact:

Lalilab, Inc.
Michel Baudet, President919-620-6767

PharmAgra Labs, Inc.
Roger Frisbee, Co-President828-884-8656


Lalilab Inc
Lalilab Inc ( is a privately held company located in Durham, NC USA. Established in 1996, Lalilab manufactures, sources and develops high quality raw materials for the pharmaceutical,
dietary supplement and cosmetic industry.

PharmAgra Labs Inc
PharmAgra Labs, Inc. ( is a privately held company located in Brevard, NC USA. Established in 1998, PharmAgra provides contract R&D services in organic and medicinal chemistry in
addition to conducting their own proprietary research. The company also conducts cGMP production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

Evgen Limited
Evgen ( was founded by serial entrepreneur Dr Stephen Franklin in 2008. The Company is dedicated to commercializing the clinical potential of sulforaphane (and related compounds),
a molecule of botanical origin with an exciting and compelling body of scientific literature supporting multiple human healthcare benefits. The Company holds proprietary technology that enables sulforaphane,
for the first time, to be synthesized and then subsequently stabilized for pharmaceutical application.