March 12, 2012 Brevard, NC:

PharmAgra Labs, Inc. (Brevard, NC) and Lalilab, Inc. (Durham, NC) are pleased to announce that they have formed a new company, Ardeal Pharma, Inc., to commercialize topical pharmaceutical and/or cosmetic applications for their jointly-developed Stabilized Sulforaphane. Ardeal Pharma is a Delaware corporation located in Brevard, NC.

US Patent #7,879,822, Stabilized Sulforaphane was granted in February 2011 (applications filed in Australia, Canada, EPC and Japan). The technology is owned by PharmAgra Labs, Inc. (50%) and Lalilab, Inc. (50%), located in Durham, NC.

Rights were licensed to Evgen ( in England to develop all applications except topical pharmaceutical and/or cosmetics. Evgen is primarily focused on major cancer indications, including development of a monotherapy for indolent prostate cancer.

Speaking on behalf of PharmAgra Labs Inc and Lalilab Inc, Roger Frisbee, Co-President of PharmAgra Labs Inc, said:
“PharmAgra and Lalilab share a common vision of the commercial potential of a stabilized sulforaphane. We are confident that we could be embarking on a development program with a much lower risk of clinical failure than is typical for a new chemical or biological entity”.

For more information, please feel free to contact:
Roger Frisbee, PharmAgra Labs, Inc., 828-884-8656
Michel Baudet, Lalilab, Inc., 919-620-6767