January 29, 2013 Brevard, NC:

PharmAgra Labs, Inc. (Brevard, NC) and Lalilab, Inc. (Durham, NC) are pleased to announce that their jointly-owned startup, Ardeal Pharma, Inc., has been awarded a Company Inception Loan (CIL) from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center. Ardeal Pharma, a Delaware corporation located in Brevard, NC, was created to commercialize topical pharmaceutical / cosmetic applications for Stabilized Sulforaphane.

US Patent #7,879,822, Stabilized Sulforaphane was granted in February 2011 (applications filed in Australia, Canada, EPC and Japan). The technology is owned by PharmAgra Labs, Inc. (50%) and Lalilab, Inc. (50%), located in Durham, NC.

Rights were licensed to Evgen (www.evgen.com) in England to develop all applications except Topical Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics. Evgen is primarily focused on major cancer indications, including development of a monotherapy for indolent prostate cancer.

Speaking on behalf of PharmAgra Labs Inc and Lalilab Inc, Roger Frisbee, President of Ardeal Pharma, said:
“PharmAgra and Lalilab share a common vision of the commercial potential of Stabilized Sulforaphane. We are very appreciative of the support being provided by the NC Biotechnology Center, which will be used to accelerate that effort”.

For more information, please feel free to contact:
Roger Frisbee, Ardeal Pharma, Inc., 828-884-8656