PharmAgra Labs, Inc. today announced the completion of the mural that appears on the South side of their building facing the community bike path.  The design for the 20 x 12 ft chemistry themed mural was conceived by company co-founder Peter Newsome and painted by local artist Billy Smith. Of the design, Newsome says “I really wanted an image that while being specific to synthetic organic chemistry could be enjoyed at multiple levels by chemists and non-chemists alike.  This mural captures that duality perfectly.  It also makes the connection that building molecules is as much a craft and creative art form as it is a science.  This mural is really a tribute to all the highly skilled “artisans” that work here.”

Regarding the artist, Newsome adds “I was really lucky to find Billy.  At our first meeting I spent some time describing the design and when he came back with a sketch a few weeks later I knew I had found the right guy.”  You can find out more about Brevard artist Billy Smith at his website,