PharmAgra Labs, Inc. is a privately held company that for twenty years has been providing contract R&D in organic and medicinal chemistry.

The company also has a facility for cGMP production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients for use in Clinical Trials and low-volume production. The company is managed and owned by experienced scientists and is located in a facility designed specifically for the unique requirements of synthetic organic chemistry research.

We have an established track record of working successfully with large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as a wide variety of companies in other industries that require synthetic chemistry services.


The main motivation for U.S. companies to work with offshore vendors is the perceived lower project cost due to lower personnel costs. However, there are two issues that are often overlooked when comparing domestic and offshore outsourcing companies.


PharmAgra Labs provides customers with a variety of contract options depending on their specific project requirements. The choice of contract options depends on (1) the complexity of the project, (2) the volume of work to be conducted and (3) the client’s timeline for having the work completed.


PharmAgra Labs was founded in 1999 by Peter Newsome, Ph.D. (formerly Senior Research Chemist, Rhone-Poulenc) and Roger Frisbee (formerly Vice President, Pisgah Labs, Inc.). The company was initially located in a leased facility in Arden, NC (near Asheville in western North Carolina). In 2002, the need for more space and design flexibility led to the purchase and renovation of the current 11,400-square-foot facility located in Brevard, NC.

We completed construction of a cGMP laboratory for the preparation of APIs in 2007 and began development of our first product immediately thereafter. We successfully completed our first FDA pre-approval inspection (PAI) in July of 2009 with no 483s issued.


Pharmagra’s state-of-the-art laboratory is specifically designed for the unique requirements of synthetic organic chemistry. Our facility is easily accessible to clients via the Asheville, NC and Greenville/Spartanburg, SC regional airports. READ MORE >