Business Relationships

PharmAgra Labs, Inc. is a privately held company that for twenty years has been providing contract R&D in organic and medicinal chemistry.

PharmAgra Labs provides customers with a variety of contract options depending on their specific project requirements. The choice of contract options depends on (1) the complexity of the project, (2) the volume of work to be conducted and (3) the client’s timeline for having the work completed.

For clients with a small volume of work to outsource, projects are usually best handled on a Fixed Bid or Time & Materials basis, depending on project complexity.

For larger collaborations, clients normally prefer to develop a relationship by starting with Fixed Bid and/or Time & Materials contracts, as appropriate. This provides a low-risk mechanism for clients to evaluate our performance prior to moving into the more intimate and cost-effective Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) relationship.

Please contact us to discuss which option is the most appropriate for your specific situation.

  • PharmAgra provides a fixed quote for the project, payable only upon completion.
  • These projects are best suited for less speculative chemistry.
  • Intellectual property (IP) ownership depends on the agreement.


  • PharmAgra provides an estimated cost (labor and materials) for the project.
  • The client pays only for actual time spent and materials used.
  • This model is more appropriate than Fixed Bid for projects with speculative chemistry.
  • All IP is owned by the client.
  • The client contracts for one or more PharmAgra chemists to work on its projects full-time.
  • The client is invoiced monthly for the contracted amount, plus project-specific raw materials.
  • All IP is owned by the client.
  • This model provides reliable capacity, since the chemist(s) is devoted to only one client.
  • It also provides maximum flexibility and efficiency, since client direction changes can be made at any time without reissuing purchase orders or revising contracts.
  • Finally, it provides minimum response time to new requests, since no quotes, purchase orders or negotiations are required.
  • PharmAgra Labs is interested in discussing potential joint ventures where we can bring our chemical expertise to bear on collaborative projects.