The Pharmagra Advantage

PharmAgra Labs, Inc. is a privately held company that for twenty years has been providing contract R&D in organic and medicinal chemistry.

We have an established track record of working successfully with large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as a wide variety of companies in other industries that require synthetic chemistry services. Some examples of successful collaborations include:

  • A successful multiyear collaboration with a small biotech company requiring the development of a commercial API manufacturing process starting from a 12-step medicinal chemistry route. We designed a new manufacturing process that we used to produce multi-kilogram lots of product. This process was later transferred to a large scale cGMP manufacturer.
  • A large and successful multiyear collaboration with a Big Pharma client providing medicinal chemistry support services.
  • A successful multiyear collaboration with a specialty pharmaceutical company requiring the design of a new synthetic route for a problematic key intermediate and its development into a production-ready process. We are also providing a wide array of other synthesis support services (preparation of impurities, reference agents, etc.) and analytical services to supplement the company’s in-house capabilities.
  • A successful multiyear collaboration with an advanced electronic materials company providing economical process development and scale-up of high-purity compounds for market evaluation.
  • A successful multiyear collaboration with a Big Pharma client to design and execute complex multi-step syntheses of metabolites and labeled compounds for pharmacology studies.

Our staff consists of professional scientists with extensive experience in chemical research and development. We believe that our most important assets are our people and have focused on building our company around experienced, accomplished, and highly motivated scientists.

We recognize that our clients come to us to solve their synthetic problems in a quick and cost-effective manner. As such, we have created an organization that fosters the development of rational problem-solving skills. This core competency, coupled with our streamlined project management system and customized client communications, yields high value for our customers. The synthesis of this company culture has been made possible by the careful hiring, training, development and retention of highly talented scientists.

We have developed a formal system for managing multiple simultaneous projects effectively. This gives us the ability to address problems quickly and manage timelines effectively. The key components of our project management system include:

  • Streamlined weekly updates to relay detailed project status information
  • Weekly reviews of individual, group and company performance metrics
  • Clear mechanisms for tracking project progress
  • Use of project management software to clearly plan and communicate project flow

Our personnel share your sense of urgency in achieving your program goals. We understand that effective research programs often require the rapid supply of pilot materials in addition to timely delivery of the target quantities. As part of your team, PharmAgra Labs will resolve your synthesis problems and stay in step with your evolving R&D program objectives.

  • cGMP compliant facility
  • Controlled substances permits
  • Full regulatory compliance