PharmAgra Labs delivers the high-quality custom synthesis and contract research services necessary to accelerate your internal research and development programs.

PharmAgra can provide extensive discovery support services. We also provide process development and scale-up of medicinal chemistry routes to efficiently produce up to kilogram quantities in our laboratories. When project requirements exceed our in-house capacity, we can provide vendor sourcing and technology transfer to other cGMP/non-cGMP manufacturers.

Synthesis Services:

  • Medicinal Chemistry Support
  • Process Development
  • Scale-Up
  • Supply of Clinical Trial Materials
  • Low Volume Commercial API Production

PharmAgra Labs routinely solves complex analytical problems as part of our custom synthesis program. We have therefore developed significant expertise in analytical chemistry services, which we offer as a stand-alone service to our clients.

Analytical Services:

  • Analytical methods development and validation
  • cGMP/GLP analysis
  • Product release testing
  • Identification of unknown compounds
  • ICH/non-ICH Stability Studies
  • Separation/synthesis and identification of complex mixtures (optical isomers, geometric isomers, etc.)
  • Chemical conversion/derivatization in support of difficult analytical determinations
  • Analysis and interpretation using:
    • GC (MSD/FID)
    • Headspace GC
    • LC/MS/MS
    • 400 MHz NMR (1H, 13C, 19F, 31P)
    • FT-IR
    • KF
    • Etc.